Chris Gardner's Bill Haley Database

About the database

I have compiled this database over a period of 20 years and more. I remember typing the first version on an old portable typewriter in a rented room in a large house in Greenwich, London in 1979. At the time it was the single most complete listing of Bill Haley's recorded output, and it has remained so until this day.

The quest for accurate and complete information is never ending. Whilst everything in this database is certainly not necessarily complete nor accurate, I can vouch for the fact that it is the only widely available source for this information, compiled in a single place. Though I am making it freely available through the internet, I nevertheless insist on being credited if anyone makes any use of this data. I know of a number of pirated versions of the data on the internet - NONE of these receives any updates from me, and so they are best avoided.

Uncertain information is indicated by a question mark "?".

What does the database contain?

As well as every known recording made by Bill Haley, either under his own name, or as a member of another band, it lists recordings by other artists with a particular connection with Bill. Either where his musicians collaborated with other artists, or in the case of the Jodimars, broke away from him and set up on their own. The criteria for inclusion are somewhat subjective, and I would find them impossible to describe them. If you find something you are not interested in, I suggest you just ignore it.

Using the Database

The database is made up of four large "html" files. It is not a database in the true sense of the word, but a collection of interlinked flat files, which have been generated from a fully relational database which I maintain off-line.

At some point in the future, I will create a fully searchable, true database version. In the meantime, I hope you will find these files useful. Because of their size (a combined total of 4-5 megabytes, you will probably find it easier to use if you download copies of the pages, and use them offline. They can also be printed, but you will need a lot of paper, a full ink cartridge, and of course page breaks are likely to occur in awkward places. I can supply properly paginated version of the pages in Word97 format on request.

To find items on any of the pages, you need to use the "find" facility on your browser. Each page is a list of items, as follows:-

The Songs File

This is an alphabetical list of the songs which are known to have been recorded by Bill Haley, or by one of the featured related artists. For each song, it shows the writers of the song, and lists the recordings of that song which are featured in the database. Clicking on a hyperlink to a recording will take you to the details of that recording on the recordings.html page.

The Recordings File

The recordings page lists, for each recording featured,the following information (where known):-

The artist name under which it was recorded
The place of recording
The date of recording
The musicians involved
The unique, unchanging, reference number for the recording (as used in this database)
The matrix number applied by the record company
A sequencing number, which begins with two digits representing the year of recording. This number is used simply to keep the recordings in their believed chronological sequence, and occasionally, these numbers are changed as recordings continue to be discovered, or infromation as to recording dates becomes available
Notes about the recording which make it identifiable when more than one take exists, or identify that it is a remix of another recording in the database.

Clicking on the hyperlink to the releases.html page will take you to details of all the commercial releases which have featured this track. Hyperlinks back to the songs.html page are also provided.

The Releases File

This page lists all the releases of a particular recording, and provides hyperlinks to the products.html page, which lists details of these releases. If you don't find a hyperlink, the tracks are unreleased.

The Products File

This is the least complete listing in the database. Owing to the proliferation of Bill Haley products around the World, it is impossible to keep track of all releases of his material. I make no apologies for this fact, but hope that the major territories of the USA and Europe are well covered. All original releases of Bill's recordings are listed, regardless of country. It also includes films and TV programmes, but ignores tapes and compilation albums which include Haley tracks, unless of special interest (e.g. they represent the only release of the material in question). Tracks by other artists are not listed.

The list is simply sequenced by catalogue number.

For each product it lists:-

Catalogue number
Country of origin
Date of release
Artist Billing
Track listing (with hyperlinks back to the recordings list)

Contact Information

The database was created by Chris Gardner (

For more information visit Bill Haley Central - "Rocking around the Clock since 1954" - THE web portal for Bill Haley

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